The Ethno-Nationalist is not my Enemy. The Communist is.

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Remember when Americans slaughtered everyone who got in their way with movements like this? Yeah me neither.

There is (understandable) growing concern in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christian circles about the growth of Ethnic Nationalism in North America and Europe.

I left a comment about it on this First Things article that says “Catholics must resist ethno-Nationalim” that I’ll expand upon here.

Uhm, no. No we mustn’t necessarily resist it. We should be cautious, not terrified.

Yes, Ethno-Nationalists killed many Catholics and also Eastern Orthodox Christians in history. That’s not an indictment. It’s just a fact.

The Scottish Nationalist Party is a perfectly sane Ethno-Nationalist party that may be unpopular but is hardly the locus of evil in the British Isles.
The Scottish Nationalist Party is a perfectly sane Ethno-Nationalist party that may be disliked by some but is hardly the locus of evil in the British Isles.

However! Depraved (or just stupid) Catholics, as well as people from other religious and political and ethnic groups, have committed (or unwittingly abetted) atrocities too.

Furthermore, there have been multiple Ethno-Nationalist governments and entities never turned into depraved genocidal lunatics. There are numerous examples from  history of non-evil, sane Nationalists.  Today’s Scottish Nationalist Party is hardly getting ready to Smite the English and raze Wales, after all.

By comparison, with only a few exceptions here and there, most of the last century’s genocidal  maniacs were Communists, not Nationalists.

The history of Communism shows clearly: they always wind up murdering Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, and then pretty much any otherc, 100% of the time sooner or later.

Nationalists, this is not so.

I learned a lot from this book. I have some reservations about it but it’s brilliant and insightful–and its real name should probably be “Crypto-Communists Always Lie.”

Yes you may meet the Commie, the Social Justice Warrior of today, and he may try to be your friend. He may even try to talk about so-called “Liberation Theology” and how Communism is ultimately Christian. Never believe him. A committed Communist is a Committed Social Justice Warrior–and as Vox Day says they always lie.

If you even hear about Liberation Theology, note its history: it was once suppressed as clearly Marxist, then evolved into something more practical: “Liberation” in the current Catholic thinking, for those who know it, includes Liberation from ANYTHING that is SPIRITUALLY oppressive. And such liberation cannot be done through force of arms or draconian means that harm others.

Yes, you may have heard the phrase “Social Justice” was originally Catholic. That’s because it was. So were “brotherhood of man” and “universal love.” These reflect core concept of this nature:

  • Slavery is wrong.
  • Treating your employees like property is bad.
  • If a whole group of people are hurting, help them if you reasonably can.
  • Don’t treat people from another religion or race as inferior to yourself.
  • Try to grant equal dignity to every human being, male or female, you meet. (Unless they make it impossible, obviously.)

Those all sound “liberal.” They aren’t. They’re ancient Christian ideas, and not just Catholic ones by the way.

Historically, Communists have a habit of stealing Catholic terms. Sometimes we steal them back. No, Pope Francis really is NOT a Liberation Theology Commie, even though his choice of words sometimes sound a sour note for people who know what real Commie propaganda is.

Pope Francis strongly affirms way too many things the closet-Commie “Liberation Theology” hate, and that 100% of serious Communists hate.

I left the following comment on First Things, which I’ve cleaned up a couple typos on, which may clarify things for anyone wondering, and may also be comfort for Catholics who are afraid:

Unlike the Communist, the Nationalist doesn’t necessarily have to be our enemy. Neither, frankly, does the self-described Race Realist. Indeed, the notion that some races may be smarter, or slower, or better dancers, or more spiritual, or whatever because of genetics? Whether you believe that stuff or not, that isn’t necessarily unCatholic either.

The things that are unCatholic are genuine race hate, genuine and real oppression, unprovoked and unnecessary violence, that sort of thing. “Hey Hungarian dork” isn’t hate. “Torment Hungarians for sport!” is.

Furthemore, segregated communities are not necessarily unChristian. Some people may not like the idea but that doesn’t make it unChristian. Yes, segregation may cause evils, especially if it’s forced and brutal. But integration, especially forced integration, can cause many evils too.

There is no reason you cannot fiercely love your country and support it from those who would attack it or are tearing it down. There’s no reason you can’t love your ethnicity either. Only Ethno-Racial stereotyping of individuals, in a genuinely harmful way (not a “hurt your fee fees” way), is the real sin. Check an authoritative Church source and you’ll likely find none disagree.

The fact is that because Atheism is on the rise, it is to be expected that hardcore Nationalism and hardcore Communism both should be making a rise. And that may be the key to the Nationalism debate: Atheist Nationalists tend to worship the State or The Race. And by the way, yes Hitler was an Atheist–he started somewhat Christian but multiple documents of his own words show that by the end, he was an atheist as was his entire inner circle, including the occultists. (NB: most occultists are Atheist or lean that way.)

On the other hand, genuinely Godly Ethno-Nationalists, who know and acknowledge God is ultimately Supreme, not the Nation or the Race, who respect the human dignity of foreigners who are no threat, who do not think The State or “The Race” are always righteous and never wrong–these are people with whom we can get along, even if we are sometimes uncomfortable or in disagreement.

One thing is for sure: with the rise of Atheism is also the rise of people’s need to feel connected. Communism is very nearly totally impossible to work with Catholics, which is why they always get around to murdering us. But the Ethno-Nationalists? No. They can be reasoned with. They can be lived with. They can be shown respect, and thereby, their grievances can be heard, and not just slapped down with contempt and rage.

For any Ethno-Nationalist readers: I do not need to be your enemy. We don’t need to be your enemy. Most Catholics just want to practice our faith without harassment, and we are willing to talk if you have grievances. By comparison, the Communist is invariably our enemy: the Communist always lies, and always murders the faithful the minute they’re no longer useful.

This is why we should be concerned about the rise of Ethno-Nationalism, but blindly opposing it is STOOOPID. If poor working class whites, or whites who are now a minority in their own communities, cannot speak for their interests as a group, they WILL eventually turn violent, and it will be understandable why: you can’t just keep beating them down (which our cultural elites have done to a LOT of working whites. See the work of our Eastern Orthodox brother Rod Dreher of The American Conservative for more on that).

Our main goal as Christians should not be to hate the Ethno-Nationalists, or blindly “oppose” them. It should be to listen to them, and hopefully find where we can find shared faith in God and common ground. That’s the Catholic way to treat practically ANYBODY, after all.

Finally, I’ll leave this video, which I distribute to my right-wing pals every time they hear 80 year old Pope Francis using words that were popular when he was younger in South America, thinking he’s turned Commie. No, he hasn’t, even if he makes some Catholics cringe sometimes at his choice of words:

The Christian Contribution to Science (& the Paucity of Atheist contributions)

I don’t normally post videos all by themselves on this blog but I needed to put this where I won’t lose or forget it.

Isn’t it amazing that shallow atheist videos ranting about “sky daddies” get more views?

Well, no one ever said atheists were particularly intelligent or thoughtful.

I laughed hard at the last 2.5 minutes.

Oh, by the way, Galileo? His story’s not what you thought either. See: Care about facts over feelz? Stop saying provably false stuff about Galileo.

A guy talked like he was God when scientists said he was wrong.
A guy talked like he was God when scientists said he was wrong.

NonAtheist Logos Competition: Artists and Shitposters Enter Now!

Atheists Are Liars
Modern atheist leaders like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers and Richard Carrier and Lawrence Krauss are the Great Prophets of Organized Atheism.  All are also Bullshit FlimFlam Con Artist weaselly liars-for-cash. But as you can see, my art skills are retarded, so I can’t show it very impressively..

Hi. My name is Dean, and I’m a NonAtheist.

I used to be an atheist. Then I gave it up because it no longer made sense, and I realized modern atheism is just another cult.

Despite endless proselytizing and aggressive atheist marketing, it turns out atheists are a shrinking minority who pretend to be a majorityAtheism goes against human evolution and biology, and atheism isn’t particularly rational, scientific, or honest. Yet atheists frequently act like they are an intellectual and moral elite better than the NonAtheist majority.

I think it’s time for a NonAtheist movement. And I need your help.

I’ve been having fun for a while on this blog and on Social Media (a lot of it here on Twitter) educating people on what authentic human spirituality and theology  look like, and what the history of religion (especially the Christian religion) actually looks like. I do that while challenging shallow atheist propaganda about God and spirituality.

I’m also working on a couple of books, draft samples of which semi-regularly appear on this blog. As a handicapped man (I hate the PC term “disabled”) who can only work part time, I am trying to expand my income through writing and advocacy for the NonAtheist Majority.

A lot of atheists get mad at me–they say I’m hateful and mean and divisive. Some atheists even want to shut me up. I’ve had thinly veiled threats, considerable harassment, multiple efforts to hack my accounts, people contacting my current or former employers and associates, people issuing weird reports about me, and more.

I’m not afraid of them of course; I don’t play Damsel In Distress like a Feminist. I just need some good NonAtheist art.

But it’s ironic to me, it shows that atheists are pretty think-skinned when someone is blunt and logically critical of atheism. Some atheists claim I’m offensive and divisive.

But as Atheist Cult Leader Christopher Hitchens said:

Hitchens offended
If atheism is “just lack of belief” and you can’t ascribe any traits or prejudices to atheism, why would anyone get their feelings hurt or get angry when I criticize it?

I just look at empirical reality, and I notice how many atheists are shallow  bullies and superstitious fraidycats. Oh, and they say a lot of stupid stuff any logical person can easily debunk.

No, Not All Atheists Are Like That, and I still have atheist friends I joke with, although some of them squirm around me these days.

This professionally designed and copyrighted Atheist Logo was put together by people who supposedly aren't a movement and don't believe anything and have no agenda. Reprinted here for educational purposes, to call bullshit on Atheist propaganda.
Professionally designed and copyrighted Atheist Logo, one of many put together by people who supposedly aren’t a movement and don’t believe anything and have no agenda. Reprinted here for educational purposes, to call bullshit on Atheist propaganda. I declare fair use. Sue me if you don’t like it.

Most of what I write is jokes, although they’re jokes that I think have a Penn Jillette or George Carlin or Seth MacFarlane barb to them. Except we are not all as intelligent or talented or honest as each other. And I am certainly not a Mainstream Media Darling.

Since most atheist and antireligious entertainers these days seem to think it’s “admirable” and “brave”when atheists oversimplify, mock, scapegoat, distort, question-beg, and shit all over religious people–and act like that makes them “brave” and “daring”–I thought fair would be fair.

Time for the NonAtheist majority to be “brave” too. 

You may have noticed there’s a lot of Atheist propaganda art online. And brother, most of it is shallow and stupid beyond belief:

stupid atheist image
Atheist chowderheads think shallow crap like this is a deep and devastating response to an intelligent person’s view of religion or God. Then they whine that they’re oppressed by religion. Then they claim Atheism isn’t a belief or faith, even though 90% of atheists think exactly alike.

So anyway, what was I saying about art? Oh, right. I suck at art. I have a damaged visual cortex and can’t draw anything. I’ve tried. But maybe you’d like to do some NonAtheist art.

Some atheists have tried attacking my own religion. While I’m not ashamed to be an ex-Atheist orthodox Catholic (and I wish everybody was), I support anyone who believes in God or at least strong unapologetic spirituality–Hindu, Buddhist, a Shintoist, Pagan Animist, Deist, Muslim, Pantheist, God-loving Pagans like Socrates, or anything like that–all non-Atheists are invited to help.

American Atheists
American Atheists use this logo. I’ll bet NonAtheists can do much better.

The truth is, Atheism has been an ideological cultural movement for the last generation or so. They have professionals and nonprofessionals doing endless art for them.

So I say, it’s time for a NonAtheist Counterculture.

And I’m having a contest.

I have no resources to create art. Since I’m a broke handicapped nobody, I can’t pay. But I can offer prizes! As the sole and arbitrary judge of this contest,

I challenge my fellow NonAtheists who are visually artistic to create a NonAtheist logo. Submissions will be automatically my property and then immediately issued under Creative Commons Attribution–Sharalike 4.0 International, with attribution to and to you the artist under whatever name you want.

Hey check out this totally rational meme I got from atheists.
Atheist hate-propaganda! Atheists have killed more people in the name of getting rid of “superstitious religion” and saying it is “an enemy of progress” and “holding humanity back” than all the religions in the world combined–yes, including Islam, sorry!

Or you the artist may specify that you’d prefer it be Public Domain. That’s OK too.

Since I have gotten multiple hack and harass attempts by atheists, and know others who have as well, I won’t accept submissions to my email. Instead, I’ll ask you to send them to me On Twitter, or in the Comments to this article.

Prizes for the first NonAtheist Logos Contest!

First prize: A free copy of my upcoming book on Science, Science Fiction and God, a Skype conversation or Google Hangout with me if you want, plus, I will write at least a 1000 word essay, with references, on any subject you ask, and publish it here.

Second prize: Also a free copy of my upcoming book on Science, Science Fiction, and God, and a Skype conversation or Google Hangout if you like.

Third prize: I don’t know yet, suggest something!

Once again, you don’t have to be any particular religion to participate. I’ll close entries on August 1, then will begin deciding the winners. I may or may not open voting to readers, depending on how reaction to the contest go.

Let’s get to it! Most people aren’t atheists, and it should be OK to say you’re not an atheist. Let’s start a meme. Let’s start a trend: are you a NonAtheist? Let’s see if we can get a logo to encourage people to show it!

If this works out well, I’ve got even more ideas, so stay tuned. 🙂

They sure seem to have strong opinions for people who "just lack belief."
They sure seem to have strong opinions for people who “just lack belief.”


*Update*: I did not follow through well on this and let it languish, so we may re-do it when I have more focus for this. But here are submissions we did get:

annie rex
annie rex
flawed intellect
flawed intellect
eve keneinan
eve keneinan