Communism, Nationalism, and an amazing lecture by Father Hopko


Chatting with a friend recently, he made some observations I agreed with and found worth preserving:

As I’ve been reading and learniannie rexng more… The more I realize that the fundamental despair of so many people nowadays is because they have nothing to put their hope in. So they put their hopes to political ideologies or nationalism.

They have no sense of anything eternal and thus have no patience with any person that attacks what they put their immortality in, be it a movement or a nation state.

So there is a lot of despair and desperation.

But for us, we have a faith that has lasted thousands of years and seen empires rise and fall.

We have something we can put our hopes in that we know will last until the end of time, when Christ comes again.

Thus, we can afford to be more patient. We can be at peace with the destruction of empires and see the decline of civilization itself because we know that our faith will go beyond it. And like what happened in Europe long ago, given the time, we know that we can rebuild civilization itself if need be.

All we know now is that we are at a crossroads and a crisis of cultures.

This is where Saints are called forth. Blessed are we to live in such times.

This is also exactly what I see today. It was laid out in an amazing speech by Father Thomas Hopko a few years ago, referencing The Flight from Woman, The Abolition of Man, Solzhenitsyn, and others. The first half hour of this lecture is excellent. The second half hour is amazing.

The third half hour is mostly Q&A and can be skipped but… wow. If that’s not today I don’t know what is.

Tweetstorm that should be my final “Not All Atheists Are Like That” disclaimer.

Could even Shallow Atheist Twat Bill Maher disagree with any of this?
Could even Shallow Atheist Twat Bill Maher disagree with any of this?


Catholics can say “Fuck.” Deal with it.

I call what I do Cultural Criticism and Street Apologism. I’m also quite secular about it–because I defend all serious theists from Atheism, and I criticize the effects of Atheism on Secular society.

Also, retarded Atheist dumbfuckery annoys me.

In case you didn’t know, “Secular society” was invented by the religious so they could set aside their differences. But now a weird hate cult calling itself “Atheism” with all sorts of identifiable beliefs but claiming it’s just “lack of belief” has infested every part of our popular, academic, and institutional society. Worse, these self-described “Atheists” seem to think they own Secularism.

In fact, not only do Atheists seem to think they own Secularism, they think they get to tell all the rest of us how Secular society should run.

This is what "Gay Rights" increasingly looks like to a lot of people. Are you good with that, Christian-haters, or will you double-down on the Christian bashing?
This is what “Secular Civil Rights” increasingly looks like to a lot of people. Are you good with that, Christian-haters, or will you double-down on the Christian bashing?

They have no such right. But they claim it for themselves anyway. Fearlessly and unapologetically: to them, “Secular” means Atheism is in charge. And they’re just the Atheists who want to be in charge.

We’re not obligated to let them be in charge, of the government or the culture. Or anything else. Not if we don’t want to.

Also guess what? Atheism is an ideological position, and an intellectual movement, every bit as open to robust criticism as any religion or political movement.

For example, the overwhelming majority of Atheists, save maybe a few buddhists, are dogmatic materialists:

The outcome of materialist thinking always goes in predictable directions. For example, if they go Left, they turn Marxist. If they go Right, they turn Objectivist or some other form of Libertarian. Some get into religion-friendly Atheist philosophies (there are some), but most just become cheesy sloppy low-IQ advocates of Scientism.

Noted Atheist advocate Christopher Hitchens, in response to charges of Atheists being offensive.
Noted Atheist advocate Christopher Hitchens. Should Christians try to avoid offending people who are fans of this man? I don’t think so.

Furthermore, Atheists don’t have to like the fact that I put them under the microscope and examine their bullshit. All I do is subject Athists to what they’ve been doing to the religious for years through their media celebrities and Social Media accounts. It may make them squirm, but why should I give a damn if Atheists squirm? Not All Atheists Are Like That, but most of them seem to be these days.

As for any Christians squirming? Grow a spine.

I think if we look at the trashy effects of Atheism on the culture, we can now see why multiple religious traditions, and even non-religious people, can’t stand Atheism. Historically the great non-religious Pagan philosophers, like Cicero, hated Atheism.

Furthermore, I truly am ecumenical, and secular. I criticize all sorts of sloppy Atheist bullshit.

I also speak up on behalf of other religions, including Judaism, Zoroastrianism, even Morminism, Hinduism, NeoPaganism, and non-religious Theist philosophers.

Yes I think you should all be orthodox catholic Christians. But if you aren’t, please be anything other than another narrowminded, obnoxious, dogmatic materialist Atheist.

By the way, I am also a Cultural Critic in the early 21st Century. That means I swear.

Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker asshole. If you don’t like it, don’t read me or listen to me.

This Posh Pompous Toffeenosed Upperclass Lapsed Anglican bigot doesn't care who gets offended. Neither do I. What are you, you pussy atheist, can't take the shit you dish out?
This Posh Pompous Toffeenosed Upperclass Lapsed Anglican bigot and Atheist, known as Stephen Fry, doesn’t care who gets offended. Neither do I. What are you, a pussy Atheist who can’t take the shit you dish out?

Some Protestants say the Bible says “don’t swear.” But they’re Protestant, I’m Catholic, and they’re reading it wrong. 

Catholics, as it happens, are free to swear, so long as they do not blaspheme.

Atheists and others can of course blaspheme in front of Catholics. We generally don’t much blink: it makes you look shallow and obnoxious, but it’s between you and God.

In any case, Catholics can say “fuck.” Sorry, but we can.

Yes, some orthodox Christian voices would say harsh words are spiritually bad for you. If you feel my use of vulgar language is harmful to your spirituality, please avoid me. Retarded Atheist dumbfuckery annoys me, what can I say? For I swear freely, and I intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

As for setting examples, I’ll tell you the story of my first encounter, as a Protestant-raised boy who was put into a Catholic High School.

The Catholic School I went to–sadly, I only got to attend one year–was run 80% or so by monks. My homeroom teacher, also my Ancient History teacher, was Father [Redacted], an Augustinian monk, and a Priest, who was also running double duty as Principal of the school. He had a PhD in Ancient History, which he had gotten studying many years in Greece.

Father [Redacted] was brilliant. He could easily outshine most of today’s college professors. But he chose instead a life of poverty as a monk, teaching boys at a working class school on the South Side of Chicago.

I was 13 and on the first day, Father [Redacted] introduced himself, asked us to introduce ourselves one at a time, and then… I don’t remember exactly what he said but the word “bullshit” came out of his mouth, and a couple of “fucks” and within minutes the entire class of all boys was eating out of his hand:

An adult talking like that? In public? A priest?!? It was scandalously weird in 1980, but normal for working-class Catholic families in that area.

The monks were also known to do things like pitch an eraser at your head if they caught you napping. I remember one monk in particular yelling things like “Did you not hear me? Get the shit out of your ears, Esmay!”

Catholic-haters probably look at that and call it abuse. No, it was roughtumble language for rough young men in a rough part of town. Father [Redacted] was one of us–he swore too–and he explained to us, just like every other Priest I’ve asked since, that no, coarse or vulgar language is not a sin. It’s how and why you use it that matters.

But once again, if you don’t like my rough language? Well close the window and walk away from me. Problem solved!

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