Atheism Cult’s Catalog of Anti-Theist Psychological Tactics

The nonexistent logo of the supposedly nonexistent Atheism cult.
The nonexistent logo of the supposedly nonexistent Atheism cult.

Inspired from a classic MRA document, the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming tactics,”  this is the first draft of a hopefully growing list of rote-response Talking Points used by Atheism cultists routinely to shift the subject away from the dogmatic, unproven, pseudoscience and/or pseudohistory peddled by the modern Atheism cult.

To be clear, these are things that routinely come out of Atheist mouths these days. I am open to input for any I have missed. The list may also benefit from categorization–this is a first draft for public scrutiny. –DE

Scripted Robotic Atheist Comments – Draft One:

You’re simpleminded and childish.

I don’t believe in your particular Sky fairy I understand Science!

You have an Imaginary Friend you call God or whatever.

You’re in denial about reality.

You’re just afraid to die.

You can’t accept that Science has defeated your Bronze Age superstition.

No matter what you say, Evolution is still right!

Learn Science! Didn’t anyone tell you about the Big Bang?

You don’t want to give up your cherished beliefs

You’re bitter because Atheism is now popular and your religion is dying.

All religion is dying science has triumphed over it and that makes you afraid.

You just want people’s minds to be controlled.

You’re afraid to think for yourself.

You’re exaggerating the hatefulness of Atheism.

You’re paranoid about Atheists and see Atheists everywhere.

I’m not even an Atheist! I’m just agnostic/apatheist/Christian who agrees with all Atheism cult Talking Points.

You just want your religion in charge of everything.

You just hate that anyone is having sex without your permission.

You hate gays and want to control/convert/brainwash/imprison/kill them.

You hate women and want to control them.

You hate all Atheists.

You’re delusional/crazy.

Real men don’t kneel to anyone or anything!

Independent minds worship nothing!

You just want to force women/men to get married and have children.

Your religion is scary: [insert random Futrellized Bible verse here]


Witch hunts


Religion creates war.

You’re one of those right-wing wackos.

You’re a closet commie.

You’re an extremist.

You sound like the KKK. The KKK was Christian and responsible for all the lynchings and racism.

Stop generalizing! Not All Atheists Are Like That!

That’s an anti-Atheist stereotype!

Why do you hate women?

You are insensitive to the plight of your religion’s victims!

You are mean-spirited.

You want to roll back civil rights of women!

You’re being rude and that makes me think I should avoid your religion.

Shouldn’t you be nice to people? Isn’t that what Jesus said?

You’re unstable.

You have issues.

You need therapy.


You just want money for your religious scam.

How can you be so rude to someone who was abused by religious authority figures?

You were never really an Atheist.

You just don’t understand True Atheism.

NB: More suggestions are welcome! –DE

A chat about Modernism and Popes with @Naughty_Eskimo

Yes it's OK if you disagree with him, but you can chill out, Catholics aren't stupid and the Pope is still Catholic.
Yes it’s OK if you disagree with him, but you can chill out, Catholics aren’t stupid and the Pope is still Catholic.

An honest critic/skeptic of Pope Francis opens up a larger conversation to explain how better to understand when Popes are behaving oddly. I liked the exchange and I think it may help provide some perspective to those who worry too much when they hear Pope Francis has gone Commie, or off on some other crazy supposed Papist plot to undermine Western civilization.

Francis isn’t perfect by the way. Most Catholics love him but we all know he’s not perfect. So does he.

What happens if the Pope condemns Islam or Islamic Terrorism?

This is a fun sentiment. But careful what you wish for.
This is a fun sentiment. But careful what you wish for.

Many people are frustrated by Pope Francis because even in the middle of a wave of uncontrolled immigration and the violence and disruption it brings to much of Europe, he keeps talking about peace and love and tolerance and religious freedom instead.

I keep making this point to those on the AltRight and others who keep complaining that Pope Francis is too nice about Islam and Muslims. Here is a Tweetstorm I did recently which summarizes my response to such sentiments:

By the way, you will notice Pope Francis talks about the need for religious tolerance and religious freedom. He does it constantly. He mentions it every time the subject of Islam comes up.

You’re aware that Catholics, and other Orthodox Christians, are denied religious freedom in many lands including many Muslim lands, right?

It’s those same Christians who will be hit if he tries being nasty. If you think the Islamists can’t do worse than they have, you’re mistaken.

The Pope doesn’t have a gun to his head. He’s looking at a gun pointed to innocent Christian heads. I do not know why people cannot hear him practically screaming this between bouts of “help the poor” and “be kind to your fellow man” and “religious freedom for all.”

That won’t prevent Catholics or anyone else from doing what has to be done if war does come. Please just don’t ask the Pope to start it for you.

*Update 1*:

There are those who think the Pope is automatically obeyed in all things. Or cannot be criticized. This is false. See Yes Popes Say Stupid and Tone Deaf Things. For those who think he’s a Secret Commie (or Patriarchal Oppressor), see Wives Submit: orthodox Christian perspective for a lengthy examination of why I don’t think he’s a Secret Commie.

I would add this as an addendum: Some are uncomfortable with Francis because he sometimes uses the language of “Liberation Theology.” If anyone is interested I’ll write up something short on why I still don’t think that makes him a Commie and why it wouldn’t matter (much) even if he was a Communist. Let me know if interested.

There’s worse things that a tone-deaf preacher talking about peace and tolerance when war is pretty obviously about to break out.

I would otherwise: Catholics aren’t obligated to vote the way the Pope tells us to and oh, by the way, he doesn’t tell us how to vote to begin with. If it comes to war, Catholics will serve, even if the Vatican is yelling about peace and love. If you think hard about it, it’s better that way. Really.


*Update 2*: If you’re still not getting it, here’s a world map of where Islam is mostly:

This is the heaviest concentrations of the world's muslims.
This is the heaviest concentrations of the world’s muslims.

Here, by comparison, is where you find the heaviest population of Catholics. Note the tens of millions of Catholics who are minorities in or near Muslim lands:

Pay attention to the many Catholics who are in or near Muslim lands.
Pay attention to the many Catholics who are in or near Muslim lands.

Finally, note the presence of Eastern, Coptic, and other non-Roman Catholic Orthodox right smack in the middle of Muslim lands, who will face repercussions even if they say they hate the Pope:

Do you think they'll listen to Patriarch Bartholomew or Tawadros if they say "We don't agree, we don't even like him!"
Do you think they’ll listen to Patriarch Bartholomew or Tawadros if they say “We don’t agree, we don’t even like him!” This is where all those Orthodox Christians are. Note the overlap with Muslims.


I especially recommend focusing on what the maps show of Africa and the Middle East.

Do you think anyone will care if those Orthodox Christians aren’t technically aligned with the Pope? Do you think ISIS would care?