Things every Atheist cultist says

advice to an atheist from platoThings every Modern Atheist Cultist says:

1: Atheism is not a belief, it’s lack of belief. It is totally non-ideological.
2: Atheism says nothing whatsoever about your personality or your views.
3: Atheism is about science, logic, reason, and evidence. Religion is the opposite of those things.
4: Atheism is about facts over feelings.
5: Atheism is something that helps you overcome religion–and you need to overcome religion because religion is backward superstition holding back humanity.
6: Atheism frees minds.and teaches people how to think for themselves.

Also, if you are an ex-Atheist, like me:

7: You were never a True Atheist.
8: You just don’t/never did understand True Atheism.

They all say all these things, without even noticing they are completely contradictory and, in some cases, demonstrably wrong. All you have to do is talk to any modern Atheist about Atheism for five minutes and you’ll hear almost all of these statements come out of their mouths.

Not only are these all firmly predictable beliefs of most Atheism Cultists, but they will say all these things to you while also saying with a straight face that Atheism is not a belief, a cult, or a religion, that it includes no definable beliefs of any kind, and claiming that their Atheism has no effect at all on anyone’s personality or worldview whatsoever.

Except somehow, even though it does no bad thing, Atheism makes you smarter, more logical, and more moral, and more caring as a person. Also more scientific, whatever that means.

Basically, Atheism gives them everything, including their entire sense of identity and morality, while they all, in unison, chant their most dogmatic Creedal statement:

“Atheism is just lack of belief. It has no other properties.”

The fact that it’s all demonstrably self-contradictory and demonstrably bullshit rarely registers on most of them.

Probably the best way to puncture the ludicrous Atheist lie of “Atheism is not a belief, it’s lack of belief” is to point out that things like rocks, bricks, and patients in comas also totally lack belief in God.

But really, I think ultimately, if it’s true that Atheism is just lack of belief in God or gods, then we should all agree that the best Atheists of all time are clearly bricks.

If atheism isn't a belief, if it's just "the lack of a belief in God," well, bricks lack a belief in God. I guess atheists think they're as smart as bricks.
Don’t believe all the bad things they say about Atheists. Atheists are AT LEAST as smart as bricks!

Personally, I’m glad I escaped Atheism. God only knows how these people manage to function as rational adults in other spheres of life.

“Escaping Atheism.” Watch this blog for more on that phrase in the coming months. “God and Man in the 21st century” and “Letter to a Heathen Nation” hasn’t quite caught on, so a retooling is coming!

Communism, Nationalism, and an amazing lecture by Father Hopko


Chatting with a friend recently, he made some observations I agreed with and found worth preserving:

As I’ve been reading and learniannie rexng more… The more I realize that the fundamental despair of so many people nowadays is because they have nothing to put their hope in. So they put their hopes to political ideologies or nationalism.

They have no sense of anything eternal and thus have no patience with any person that attacks what they put their immortality in, be it a movement or a nation state.

So there is a lot of despair and desperation.

But for us, we have a faith that has lasted thousands of years and seen empires rise and fall.

We have something we can put our hopes in that we know will last until the end of time, when Christ comes again.

Thus, we can afford to be more patient. We can be at peace with the destruction of empires and see the decline of civilization itself because we know that our faith will go beyond it. And like what happened in Europe long ago, given the time, we know that we can rebuild civilization itself if need be.

All we know now is that we are at a crossroads and a crisis of cultures.

This is where Saints are called forth. Blessed are we to live in such times.

This is also exactly what I see today. It was laid out in an amazing speech by Father Thomas Hopko a few years ago, referencing The Flight from Woman, The Abolition of Man, Solzhenitsyn, and others. The first half hour of this lecture is excellent. The second half hour is amazing.

The third half hour is mostly Q&A and can be skipped but… wow. If that’s not today I don’t know what is.

Tweetstorm that should be my final “Not All Atheists Are Like That” disclaimer.

Could even Shallow Atheist Twat Bill Maher disagree with any of this?
Could even Shallow Atheist Twat Bill Maher disagree with any of this?