Dean’s World is one of the oldest and well-known weblogs in the blogosphere. It evolved out of a pre-blog opinion site called “Dangerous Thoughts” that started in the late 1990s, and eventually became Dean’s World in early 2002. The name started as a joke, but stuck because people kept saying they liked it.

We actively discuss politics, science, history, religion, and even occasionally pop culture and entertainment here. Dean’s World’s founder and proprietor, Dean Esmay, is an IT professional with decades of experience as a writer and journalist. Dean’s World was archived during the 2004 election season by the Library of Congress as Culturally Significant regarding the 2004 elections, and has been nominated multiple times for various awards in blogging, including multiple nominations in the Weblog Awards.

We believe we have the best comments sections in the world; while many thousands of people visit Dean’s World every day, fewer than 1% comment because we run a pretty tight ship: we do require registration, and people who engage in abusive behavior are often asked to leave.

Remember, it’s Dean’s World baby, you’re just visiting it.