Damsel In Distress!

Adria Richards is an embarrassment to all women, but most especially women in technology. The only thing “sexist” about this entire affair was Richards’ appalling and grossly unprofessional behavior. I usually don’t wish anyone to be fired from their job but I frankly hope she never works in IT again. At least, not unless she unreservedly apologizes and takes 100% ownership of her own deplorable behavior.

Is that likely? I doubt it. Since she’s a woman, Female Privilege will likely assert itself, and White Knights will rush to her defense. She probably could have shot these guys dead and people would be defending her, the situation has gotten so bad here in America. If this was what most women were like, I would declare myself a misogynist and would probably favor laws banning women from the workplace because it would make it inarguable that they are unfit and incapable of functioning like adults. Fortunately, I know better: most women aren’t like this. But shame on her, shame on those treating her like a damsel in distress rather than the total jackass she is, and shame on the misogynists who call themselves “feminists” who think her actions were in any way appropriate or who are condemning those of us who call BS on her BS behavior.

If she were an adult and a professional she would apologize sincerely. And I mean for all of it, every single bit of it, every single action and word she took on this entire affair, and accept 100% responsibility. Furthermore, she and any woman with any self-respect ought to condemn the “Ada Initiative code of conduct,” which is an obscenity.

Women: make a choice. Did you want equality or did you want a world that bends to your sensitivities and keeps a fainting couch handy any time you happen to randomly feel the need for it? Are you functioning adults or pearl-clutching ninnies? Enough of this crap. If you want to be treated like an equal adult, start acting like it. Otherwise, seriously, stop pretending you want to be treated like an equal, because you’re obviously just a privileged over-entitled brat demanding special privileges and special treatment.

Anything further I have to say, Janet Bloomfield says it better. I could just write “what she said” and leave it there. I probably will.

*Update*: Like or hate their tactics, I think this outright assault on the geek community is getting unsurprising results. Like hypocritical damsel in distress Anita Sarkeesian, this is an example of people who think they can act like bullies just because they’re women, then hypocritically complain about sexism.

*Update 2: Can we get Amy Poehler fired?

I’m just kidding, I ADORE Amy Poehler. But the social double standards are astounding.