Tales of the Blackberry’s Demise

…appear to be greatly exaggerated.

And as Ewan Spence of Forbes notes, all this talk of “market share” is misplaced. If Blackberry kept only 5% of the total market share (and it’s got more than that right now), that would be 35 million phones. Just as Apple never needed more than a small percentage of the PC market to be profitable, so too with Blackberry: they don’t need to be #1, or #2, or even #3 to be highly profitable. They just need a big enough user base. Especially if they manage to resuscitate their image as a “prestige” product.

Blackberry may still fail and fall into the dustbin of computer industry relics like Commodore and Atari and Compuserve and many others, but I wouldn’t put all my money on that just yet.