Raped on Active Duty: Why He Didn’t Report

James Landrith had some things to say before the House Armed Services Committee recently.

James is still regularly harassed and abused for telling his story. People don’t believe him, they call him a lunatic and a liar and a misogynist and a loser and a scumbag. I wish I could say I find such reactions surprising, but sadly I do not find them surprising at all. People are assholes. And no one ever wants to believe victims of female predators. You can read about James’ story right here.

You know, having to explain to people what I’m talking about on these issues is just exhausting. But read the links and if you have any questions let me know. Yes people, women rape men. With their vaginas. And it’s more common than you think. If you believe the government’s own figures, where they bury these types of sexual assault in something they nebulously call “other” and don’t include, women rape at about 80% of the rate men do. No one wants to believe it, but all you have to do is look at the freely published numbers.