Another falsely accused man beaten

Only this time, they beat him to death.

But remember, according to people like Amanda “George Lincoln Rockwell Junior” Marcotte and other gender ideologues at places like Slate and Jezebel, false rape allegations almost never happen, and anyway, even if they do, men it happens to should take it as a learning lesson about the state of women in society. (And don’t even get me started on the whole “rape is only penetration” thing, which my friend Typhon Blue so thoroughly explained is another common cultural lie.)

The woman who falsely accused this man should be named and charged with a crime, although she won’t be because society refuses to hold women accountable for such things. Furthermore, she should be suspected of one of the most prevalent forms of female violence–proxy violence, by which she has men work violence on her behalf.

Said proxy violence also happens to be the case in the vast majority of so-called “honor killings” in the Middle East, by the way, which is another of many of the taboo discussion areas when it comes to violent women.