Support for The Southern Weekend

There’s a brewing crisis over freedom of the press in China that you should read about.

Every time I lose hope that anything good can ever happen for China, I see something like this and I think, “no, you’re wrong, the regime is losing its grip and it knows it and is mostly content to let it slip–gradually.”

I honestly wonder at times if China won’t evolve toward something like what libertarians tend to want, but in a sort of bass-ackward way: the government slowly just becomes less and less relevant to everybody when it comes to these things. Like, is the Chinese government really seriously going to shut down this paper? I wonder. Tienanmin Square was a long time ago. And even North Korea looks like it’s thinking about letting the Internet in.

Will the people who dreamed of the internet getting rid of despotic regimes organically turn out to slowly just become reality?

I can only ponder, and hope.