Emma Claire, Violent Abusive Stalinist Thug

The naming and shaming of violent, censoring totalitarian bigots begins.

I had a wonderful interview with Erin Pizzey yesterday, who was subjected to death threats by Stalinists like this just this year when she visited Canada. I’m just working on polishing that up for presentation. Erin Pizzey is a true human rights hero, as much as the Emma Claires of the world try to shut people like her and Warren Farrell up.

I am a father of two sons. I refuse to look the other way and shrug off despicable fascist creeps like this anymore just because of their sex. And that’s what those who try to defend her are doing you know: being sexist, and showing their contempt for women, by laughing off violent censoring fascist thugs just because they’re girls.

Ask yourself: if this were a 19 year old neo-nazi, would you be excusing him? Would “he’s just a boy” be a good excuse for you? Why or why not?

*Update* The “straw feminist” who supposedly does not exist:

Where are the feminist condemnations and disavowals of these women? Where?