Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful most of all for my lovely wife Gi and my two wonderful sons. I’m thankful for my ex-wife Rosemary the Queen of All Evil, with whom a friendship and mutual respect and understanding has been restored, and for her for helping to create those two wonderful boys (and her new son with her new husband, who’s not that bad a bloke after all). I’m grateful for the denizens of Dean’s World who’ve stuck around even though this place is not, and never will be, the hopping place it once was, because the world of blogging has changed and my interests have moved in new directions; speaking of which, I’m thankful to Paul Elam and the folks at A Voice for Men for letting me involved and work on issues I care about and can help with, and to Joe Gandelman (my old-school blog homie!) for allowing me to blog about multiple issues with his audience at The Moderate Voice.

Mostly I’m thankful to be alive, healthy, productive, and raising hell.

Oh yeah, and thanks God. 😉

Thanks everybody. Have a terrific day.

(For those of you outside the US: in America we’re on four day holiday starting today called “Thanksgiving.” FYI.)