Medicare Boosts Small Business

Well it does according to the RAND corporation, anyway, which is one of many reasons why Obamacare likely will as well. Obamacare being the #2 reason why I voted for Obama, and am glad he survived office (although Obamacare would have gone on without him, despite Romney’s promises to the contrary).

This country needs to break the backs of the large corporations that the government created and has foisted upon us and which continue to erode our most basic freedoms on a steady basis. One of those reasons is the way the market was rigged to make decent health care unaffordable for most middle and lower income people seeking to start their own businesses. As Obamacare continues to expand (thank God thank God!) it will of course be modified to fix some of its problems, and now with the Tea Partiers just having been told by voters across the country to get out of Washington and go home, Republicans seem to have gotten the message that they need to work with the President and not consistently oppose everything he does (like, y’know, Obamacare, which was mostly their design in the first place until he said “yeah OK let’s do that”).

I have some crybaby right wing YouTuber (Bernard Chafin) throwing a tantrum because he’s butthurt that his precious Tea Party movement tried to sell its message to voters this year and lost in the marketplace of ideas: voters listened to the sales pitch and said “no thank you.” Now Chafin claims no one who voted for Obama could be anything other than a “feminist” (what exactly that word means being yet to be determined with any precision) and as such wants people to boycott A Voice for Men because I’m Managing Editor there. Ah, those Tea Partiers, such thoughtful folks that when they lose an election, they blame everybody but themselves.

I have friends who are in the Tea Party, and I hope they don’t take this personally, but the marketplace of ideas looked and what you had to offer, turned up its nose, and said “no thanks.” Blaming me for it isn’t going to help you. Time to consider that maybe you’re selling an old, out of date product that is long past its “sell by” date and does not appeal to most people just because YOU like it.

So maybe, you could re-examine your ideas with some consideration of the slight possibility, as nutty as it might seem, that you might somewhere in some way be wrong in some fashion, somehow.

Or maybe, you know, start a secession movement. Yeah, good luck with that. (Mutters some more about butthurt unAmerican unpatriotic crybaby Fair Weather Patriots who only love their country when they get their way…)