Honeybadger Files Episode 1: The Wooly Bumblebee

The Men’s Rights Movement is a growing phenomenon that includes not just men of all races, creeds, colors, and political persuasions, but also a shocking number of women–and not women who are driving their own gynocentric agenda but have shown through word and action that they are capable of tolerating criticism of women, can criticize feminism without demanding that men be their White Knight saviors and protectors, might (in a few cases) even call themselves feminists but refuse to throw temper tantrums and make vile or condescending accusations when someone is critical of feminism, and have shown that they are capable of putting men’s and boys’ interests on the agenda for real and not just as an afterthought, and without the appallingly condescending and bigoted blather about how “The Patriarchy Hurts Men Too.”

Not all of these women call themselves MRAs, but many do, and many others have shown an openness and a willingness to listen and discuss without the bullshit about how it’s all really about “women’s oppression” or their own problems, and without the deplorable habit of comparing the status of privileged middle class white women with that of minorities like gays, transgendered people, and people of color. It is my desire to learn more about these women and what really makes them tick.

This is the first video in that planned series. I already have at least four others who’ve agreed to do interviews and I have barely begun. I’m open to more suggestions but keep in mind that I’m already backlogged! But here’s my first subject: The Wooly Bumblebee!

Warning: Kristina uses naughty language freely, and so do I.

The Wooly Bumblebee, also known as “TruthAndOblivion” or just plain Kristina, recently appeared on the Men’s advocacy scene. She’s caused a firestorm of criticism from many directions, but I found her funny, warm, charming, flawed, endearing, and very human, in private conversation as well as this interview. You can find her YouTube Channel here, and her comics (some of which are very funny) right here.

As a side note, here’s a supplemental video about an incident that came up during the editing process of this first video of the series which may clear up any confusion you have about that one-hitter I’m smoking, and which by the way may also help some of you improve your health. No really.

Thanks to John the Other for some of his video editing help, and thanks to Roger O. Thornhill for the cool graphic, which will be available in a slightly different form on the A Voice for Men postering wall soon.

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