Election Predictions

Open invitation: make your prediction what the final results will be for the Presidential election tomorrow, both popular and electoral. For a bonus, add how you think it’ll wind up in House and Senate.

Here’s my prediction: to my surprise (because if you’d asked me a week ago I would have given a very different answer) Barack Obama with 51% of the popular vote and about 310 electoral votes, Mitt Romney with 48% of the popular vote and about 230 electoral votes (yes I’m aware that adds up to 540, it’s because I’m rounding and I said “about”). Democrats hold the Senate, and Republicans hold the house.

I freely admit that I am betting that Nate Silver is correct in his predictions, and this is largely what I base my prediction on.

What do you guys think will happen?

(Anyone who starts a catfight or ranting and raving gets the sledgehammer. Just say what you think will happen and let’s all see how we did when it’s over.)