Call A Convention

Yes, I really do believe we should call a Constitutional Convention and rewrite the thing, because it’s broken at the core. Not this or that amendment, I mean the core document itself, articles 1-7. It has lasted far longer than the Framers ever imagined. It was imperfect from the beginning–which is not a radical statment, by the way, since all the framers thought so too, as did practically everybody who voted to ratify it anyway.

I am not the only one who thinks it’s served its function and it’s time for a complete reboot. Lawrence Lessig of the Electronic Freedom Foundation has a good lecture on why he thinks it’s a good idea, and you conservatives who are quailing might want to listen carefully to what he says, because he’s talking to you as much as anybody.

I wish I could find a transcript of that, but there are a number of people who think the same thing, and they aren’t all flaming lefty or flaming righty nuts.

I no longer believe in the Constitution. I’ll say it again: I no longer believe in our Constitution. Parts of it? Sure. I’m particularly fond of the Bill of Rights. That’s not what I don’t believe in. I don’t believe in the seven articles. I don’t believe in the Presidency, I don’t believe in the Congress as currently structured, and I don’t believe in the judiciary as it’s currently structured.

There are a thousand people hacking at the branches of evil, and only a few hacking at its roots. I want to hack at the roots.