Third and Final Presidential Debate, 2012

Obama won mostly on substance so far as I can see, and looked better than ever. Although I concede Romney continues to look smart and Presidential, and is good at staying disciplined and on-message. Although if Romney repeated that line about Iran being “four years closer to a nuclear weapon” one more time I would have blown up my TV set.

Otherwise, I’m pleased to see that Romney is a tough trade war proponent who wants stronger trade protectionism and to raise tariffs, just like the good progressive Republicans of old under the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln. I predict that the Ayn-Rand-Corrupted Market Ideologues who’ve completely taken over all rationality and common sense in the Republican Party will continue to ignore this just like they ignore it every other time Romney takes a crap all over their “the free market = big corporations” and “government can only do wrong” and “free trade with despotic regimes is always good and right and wonderful no matter how much we’re getting screwed or how many people it enslaves” silliness. If Romney wins, I will enjoy watching 4-8 years of him buggering the “anti-government” and “pro-market” conservatives up the ass, good and hard. Because that’s what he’ll do, and I’ll enjoy watching him do it. Because I frankly believe him when he says he’ll work hard with Democrats. And I will laugh at them and mock them mercilessly, because they’re effing nuts, and wouldn’t know what a real free market looked like if it bit them on the face. (Anyone who things massive publicly-traded corporations, which are 100% a government invention and 100% a government intrusion on the free market, needs to have a good hard dose of reality splashed in their face, although many of them seem impervious to that.)

Also, it was nice to see Romney concede that he will “repeal” Obamacare, he will really, truly, only repeal some parts of it. Which anybody who knows anything knows are the parts that are likely to get modified under the next administration whether he’s in charge of it or Obama is.

All that said, I’ll never vote for Romney.

The Anybody But Obama crowd will get their final say. Let them enjoy it. Maybe they’ll win, maybe they won’t. The sun will come up the next morning either way.

Obama/Biden in ’12. Yes, they suck. They just suck less than Romney/Ryan. But America survives either way, I predict.