Romney’s Inelegant Remark

Much political hay is being made about a stray private remark Mitt Romney made about how 47% of American’s voters supposedly will automatically vote for Obama because they want government largess. Try as I might, I cannot get my outrage meter to do more than flicker for a fraction of a second. I mean, sure, it reveals a certain contempt for basically half of America, but that’s how a lot of partisans think. Given Obama’s own occasional inelegant remarks (I seem to recall something about Republican voters bitterly clinging to guns and religion for example), it’s hard for me to get riled up much even though I will be voting for Obama (with my nose held). Yeah, it must be because I want all that free money, and no other reason. Whatever. In the meantime, even though it’s the New York Times, I was amused by this look at previous embarrassing lines uttered by Presidential candidates. And while, typical for the Times, it seems to be concentrating on candidates who lost (they obviously want Romney to lose, being the New York Times and all) they do include some dumb lines uttered by some who nevertheless won.