Obamacare Upheld

The Supreme Court has completely upheld Obamacare, with one small exception. This is an enormous win for the President, and at this point he and his supporters should proudly take the name “Obamacare” and make it their own. It is his legacy.

I’m sorry for those of you who are angry, but I believe the court has ruled rightly here and am very happy about this. Although the best and most important parts of the legislation have not been enacted yet, I expect this to be a huge improvement in the lives of most Americans, even though there will still be some bumps and needs for improvement along the way.

All you righties crying in your beer, stop it. This is the system working like it should be. And all you lefties who said the Supreme Court was going to prove itself to be a partisan “judicial activist” court can also come down a peg and give the system, including the likes of John Roberts, more credit than (some of you) have.

*Update*: Am I the only one who thought all along that “this is pretty clearly a tax, and that’s OK?” I know the administration tried to deny that in but that always just seemed like obvious posturing to me?